When I first began working in the field of tax and accounting a decade ago I was surprised by the reactions of the clients I assisted.
I began work at an established accounting business excited to help the clients. People who had been clients for many years,
would anxiously seat themselves across my desk, and hand over a stack of unopened envelopes with W2’s, 1099’s, Mortgage Statements etc.

They would nervously ask. What’s happening to me this year?

I would work through the numbers, and as I went, I would explain how things were working out, and factors to consider so they could properly plan for the coming year.
The response was overwhelming. People would say “I have been coming here for eleven years, and this is the first time the accountant across from me was more than a computer, announcing to me the “verdict” without any explanation”.

I realized many accountants prefer to keep their clients in the dark and dependent on the accountant.

My approach is always to share knowledge and empower my clients. It’s your money, it’s your life, it’s time YOU have control.