We offer first-rate, tax and accounting services. We offer free review of prior year taxes, and often get additional refunds on prior years, where a credit was missed by another firm. We have a guarantee of the biggest (Legal!) refund available and instant Bank Refund Loans for quick access to cash. All at a competitive price and right in our convenient location at the intersection of Route 20 and Massasoit Rd.

Too many of our clients have experienced frustration with Tax preparation services that don’t take the time to work with people and explain how to maximize their tax refunds with proper planning. We believe in giving top notch service at a great value, and we guarantee the biggest available refund!!!

That is why we have such a high referral rate. People can’t help telling their friends about the great accountant they have.

So come in today. Don’t forget to bring in your previous year’s tax papers for your FREE review to make sure you got the biggest refunds, if you didn’t we will fix it!!